Hot Air Balloon Flying is an attractive, demanding and aesthetically pleasing sports discipline. It is also a rare sight, one that cannot be witnessed just anywhere. It enjoys a huge popularity in Slovenia and, above all, boasts a long tradition.

Slovenia, a small country with a population of two million people, is home to quite a few outstanding and internationally acclaimed hot air balloon pilots that regularly achieve high scores at international competitions. These last few years saw a significant increase in the number of young, ambitious pilots that compete and fly in FAI Category 1 yearly events.

Balonarski klub ROTO balloon club, in cooperation with Aeronautical Association of Slovenia, successfully carried out its candidacy for the organisation of the 2020 World Hot Air Balloon Championship that will take place in Murska Sobota. 

The Slovenian team was entrusted with the preparations and execution of this complex event. The organisers expect at least 100 teams and a strong international attendance. The world championship will take place in September 2020. The national championship and pre-world championship will take place one year before that, in August 2019, at the same location. 

The fact that these two world-class sports events are to take place in Prekmurje, is not coincidental. The lowlands of Prekmurje are ideal for hot air ballooning; the very first hot air balloon that Slovenia witnessed back in 1934, had landed in Ženavlje, in Prekmurje.

Prekmurje already hosted the European Championship in 1994. Even today, competing teams from that time still remember the excellent organisation of the event with fondness. When we introduced the idea of hosting the next world championship in Slovenia to some of them, they were thrilled, saying it will be a pleasure to return to Slovenia, especially due to its outstanding beauty and affectionate people.

The World Hot Air Balloon Championship will take place 19-26 September 2020 in Murska Sobota. It is customary for the organiser of this biannual event, to hold a pre-world championship the year before. This will be held this year, at the Murska Sobota Airport, from 27 August to 1 September.


The organisation and execution of these excellent sporting events carry a broader meaning:

  • The sponsorship of both events is an excellent opportunity to promote your brand in two ways: with intense balloon, location and media branding and by activating your sponsorship (implementing it in your communication channels and various promotions);
  • Additionally, the hosting of world championship and pre-world championship solidifies Slovenia's reputation as a competent country that has the knowledge and experience to host this sort of competitions;
  • Both events will contribute to even greater recognition of Slovenia in the world;
  • Both events will strengthen the tourist appeal of the Pomurje region even further;
  • Both events will receive a strong communication support (web page, social media platforms, intense PR activities in Slovenia and abroad);
  • We are also planning several accompanying activities and programmes, as we want to attract more visitors to the venue and a wider audience of social media followers.